Canberra Times article "Quintessential Australia" from Australia Day 26th January 2013

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Artworks and Artwords Exhibition 2011

Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize 2011

This exhibition is an exploration of the words artists use to think, talk and write about art. It includes the work of more than thirty artists who teach in the Drawing Department of the National Art School and recent graduates of the Honours Drawing program: one work and one word per artist.

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Helping hand


Date: 30/06/2011
Words: 2750
Source: SMH
  Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
Section: The Sydney Magazine
Page: 36

Life can be lonely at the top. So who do Sydney's high flyers turn to for advice and inspiration? Helen Pitt meets four stars of business, sport and art - and the mentors who guide them.
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ABC 7.30 Report - Artist in Residence at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

Australian Patrol interviews Rachel Fairfax at Susan O'Doherty's exhibition in Manly, Sydney, Australia.

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